December 01, 2004


I'm starting this blog as a way to keep notes and offer commentary on new developments in social investing. My primary interest here is in sharing useful information with other practitioners, but individual investors may find some of the material here to be of value as well. If you have a strong interest in the academic aspects of the field, a better starting place would be, where I maintain an annotated bibliography of the literature. If you're looking for regular news coverage about social investing, I recommend you take a look at It is also worth looking at GreenMoney Journal - the current issue is a "best of" compendium of articles by leaders in the industry. There are many books on social investing, but few good ones. It's probably better to tackle the social and the financial aspects separately: On the investing side I'd recommend Malkiel's A Random Walk Down Wall Street or Higgins's outstanding Analysis for Financial Management. On the social side, the best book I've read this year is by wine executive Paul Dolan. It is called True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution, and describes how he transformed Fetzer Vineyards into a leader in sustainable agriculture while simultaneously strengthening its position in the intensely competitive global wine industry. Many people talk about social responsibility, but there are very few business leaders who have proven they can execute on both the financial and social dimensions. Dolan is one of them.


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