March 25, 2005

Some Useful Blogs

Here are some blogs I've found useful, some SRI-related and some not. One good way to organize your blog reading is, which also allows convenient access to news services like the BBC.
  • I wonder when the folks at are going to be recognized for their outstanding efforts over the years. Where else are you going to read about Pax World's decision on Starbucks, or Adam Seitchik's move from Deutschebank to Trillium? No RSS feed, unfortunately, so you can't use bloglines, but you can get their news e-mailed to you.
  • From time to time I visit Socialedge, which is sponsored by the Skoll Foundation. The signal to noise ratio can be low, at least for me, but there are also interesting things there that I don't see anywhere else.
  • For electronic privacy issues and the Microsoft/open-source battle you can't beat Slashdot, the preferred news source for nerds everywhere.
  • He's not a social investor, but Andrew Tobias knows a lot about money and has a good running conversation with his readers on both financial and social topics.
  • I've looked for a decent economics blog, and haven't found many - odd, since there are so many economists. I like this one from an economist at the University of Chicago, which gives strong daily commentary on the most important data.


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