August 25, 2005

ShoreBank's Biggest Job

CrainsDetroit has an excellent article on ShoreBank's involvement in helping Detroit recover from what must be considered the worst urban planning disaster in American history. If you live on the coasts it's hard to conceive of what has been happening in Detroit. AFP reports that there are over 12,000 abandoned homes, and a vacated area the size of San Francisco. An online tour of the ruins of Detroit is here.


Blogger Lloyd Kurtz said...

After what has happened in New Orleans, the "worst urban planning" title is up for grabs.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Jeff MacDonagh said...

Here's a link to, arguably, Detroit's most profound symbol of decay, the former grand Michigan Theater. This theater was built on the birthplace of Ford's automobile, became a posh theater, and is now a parking garage.

As a native Michigander, you can imagine what Detroit's decay did to our state's pride. In fact, many of us now consider Chicago to be our "big city."

6:22 AM  

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