November 21, 2005

Short-Termism Makes Strange Bedfellows

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue will speak November 30th at the Wall Street Analyst Forum in New York (details here). According to an e-mail I received today, "Tom will challenge analysts, investors, and senior management to end the era of quarterly earnings guidance and the damaging short term outlook they encourage and instead move toward a system that more accurately values businesses and encourages long-term growth plans..." I point this out because short-termism is one of the recurring themes of this blog (it recurs here, here, and here...), and also because Donohue is no friend of social investors and governance activists (last year he criticized CalPERS for its activism and was on the receiving end of criticism as well). That Donohue and social investors see the same problem strongly suggests to me that it really is a problem.


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